About Us

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Given the right tools we realized we could repair almost anything. With furthering our knowledge of the business and industry, the company was more of a realization than an idea

At Right There Repair, our dream is to always provide a mobile service for all your needs. We do believe in a storefront (coming soon) for walk-in inquiries and questions. And like all succesful companies we believe customer service is the key to growth and success. This is where we feel we can excel because we offer an extensive level of service to each customer as an individual, not just as another customer. We come directly to you’re home, office or place of choice to ensure convenience while continually offering a great price that you do not have to go out of your way for.

As a company, Right there Repair is always planning continued growth to ensure we continue to meet customer needs by mulitplying our offered services. Our comapany wants to be you’re full service one stop shop for all your electronic needs with competitive pricing and the ability to truly be able to help each customer with our knowledgable technicians who actually know about what they are offering or helping with. As well as being able to install or repair most, if not all, electronics we encounter or sell. Our “vision” is most achievable with our current assets and knowledge. We have been building a network of freindly repair shops with whom we may bounce ideas off of and troubleshoot issues with.  As a buisness we dont want to in a sense, end up unable to help our fellow techies we will continue to become a pillar in the community and expand our available services by eventually forming into a services company, Right there Services.