Repairs: Black/White (2006-2009)

MacBook Black/White (2006-2009) Water Damage Repair Diagnostic

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Was your MacBook Black/White (2006-2009) recently exposed to any kind of water and/or liquid? If so, our MacBook Black/White (2006-2009) water/liquid damage repair service is what you need! Trained uBreakiFix technicians put your MacBook Black/White (2006-2009) through a thorough drying and cleaning process, a process that verifies each component's ability to function properly. Once your MacBook Black/White (2006-2009) has been fully diagnosed, a technician will contact you with a repair quote and pick up date. If for any reason you choose not to proceed beyond diagnostics, or your MacBook Black/White (2006-2009) is not repairable, you are never charged for our MacBook Black/White (2006-2009) water/liquid damage diagnostic services!